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Rhine bridge in Krefeld closed for trucks as of 13.09.2019

Ladies and Gentlemen,
with this special announcement we send you information from Straßen.NRW about the planned closure of the Krefeld/Uerdinger-Rheinbrücke (B288) for trucks from 7.5 tons.

The Rhine bridge in the course of the B288 near Krefeld-Uerdingen will be closed from Friday, 13.09.2019 17:00 hours, because of renovation work for truck traffic from 7.5 tons. The bridge is still passable for car traffic.
During the regular inspection of the listed building, engineers of the Landesbetriebs Straßenbau NRW this week discovered massive, locally limited concrete spalling on the underside of the concrete carriageway slab. This impairs the load-bearing capacity of the carriageway slab. The damages found can be repaired, so that the bridge will probably be fully usable again after the reconstruction.
Heavy goods traffic has contributed significantly to the damage that has now been identified. In order to protect the bridge from more severe damage and to be able to carry out further investigations, it is necessary to close the bridge to truck traffic. Straßen.NRW started with the exact analysis on site after the damage became known. The goal is to have a remediation concept by mid-October. Statements about the duration of the closure can only be made once this work has been completed.
A diversion route for heavy goods vehicles is currently being agreed.
End quote

For the above reasons, traffic will be diverted to other routes. The next possible alternative is the Bridge of Solidarity. This distribution of traffic increases the volume massively and the diversion routes reach their capacity limits. Please understand that this may lead to delays in the delivery of goods.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Your ICLS-Team

Driving ban for trucks in the city of cologne

Yesterday the city of Cologne gave official information regarding the implementation of a truck driving ban zone in the city area of Cologne with start of 22.08.2019.

Only transit traffic is affected by the ban, but not direct delivery in this area.

Currently, industry and logistics associations are making an exception for the B51 (Rheinuferstrasse), which is currently a main axis for truck traffic from and to the port of Cologne-Niehl, where the container depot CTS is also located.

Without the release of the Rheinuferstrasse, alternative routes to the south and east must be used. This results in a detour of up to 50 kilometres per trip.

We expect a corresponding decision for mid-September as to whether and which special regulations are accepted by the city. This then determines whether alternative routes with large detours must continue to be used.

Please note that in individual cases there may be price adjustments depending on the route.

We ask for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Your ICLS-Team

New opening of the domestic office under new management and address

After the tragic and far too early death of our esteemed colleague Heiko Neddermann in the middle of last year, it took us some time to find an adequate solution for our domestic office.

With Bernd Schinke, we were able to activate a former Heiko colleague who not only has a very large network in the hinterland, but also a lot of experience. He has worked for two shipping companies for more than a decade, spent several years professionally in Rotterdam and Bremen and also got to know the forwarding side of well-known forwarding companies very well. We are therefore very pleased that we have been able to fill this position in an appropriate manner.

Due to the importance of the location, but also the geographical proximity to the place of residence, we moved the office to Duisburg from 1 January 2019 and are highly motivated from this location to be able to meet the demands of the market even more. Our activities will be expanded again by this possibility and we are convinced that we can face the challenges of today even better.


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